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download english subtitles of Youngistaan movie Filmmaker Sayed Ahmad Afzal’s debut film Youngistaan is a love story with Indian politics as the backdrop. Abhimanyu Kaul (Jackky Bhagnani) lives in Japan with his girlfriend Anvita (Neha Sharma) and makes video games for a living.

Soon life takes a drastic turn and you see Abhimanyu sitting by his father’s side in an ICU, his father (played by Boman Irani) happens to be the Prime Minister of India. After his demise Abhimanyu is the next best choice of the party to run the country. Everything seems too far fetched but done in a smooth way which doesn’t kill the pace of the film and nor makes it boring.

Abhimanyu becomes the youngest Prime Minister and implements most policies keeping the young voters in mind. But what he finds tough is to handle the media coverage of his live-in relationship with his partner. He is labelled by the media as the ‘Good Boy Prime Minister’. Anvita is mostly seen throwing tantrums as she now can’t live a normal life. Some scenes are actually funny like the one when she and Abhimanyu, the Prime Minister of India are having kulfi in the middle of the night on the streets of Delhi. What’s hard to believe is how someone with no experience in politics is the chosen one for the most important jobs in the country.

It’s a light hearted film that’s not to be taken too seriously and that’s the only way one can enjoy this. Since many enjoyed the 2001 film Nayak starring Anil Kapoor where he becomes the Chief Minister of a state for one day and brings in drastic changes then this doesn’t look impossible. Enjoy this movie in English and download english subtitles of Youngistaan movie.

This is one of Jackky Bhagnani’s best performances so far. The female lead actress Neha Sharma however is not convincing. Best performance is by the veteran actor Farooq Shaikh who passed away after shooting Youngistaan. He plays the secretary to the Prime Minister and is the most comfortable out of all the cast members.

The production quality of Youngistaan is great and that’s one of the biggest aspects in making Youngistaan watchable. Bhatt’s favourite Jeet Ganguly and some other music directors have given some melodious tracks that definately add value. The target audience of Youngistaan is the youth and for them this will be an enjoyable ride. download english subtitles of Youngistaan movie

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download english subtitles of Noah movie. Noah is a challenging film to make and review. American director Darren Aronofsky who has made critically-acclaimed films like The Wrestler and Black Swan has made this biblical film in which Russell Crowe plays the title role. The role was apparently offered to Christian Bale but he turned it down.

Any film based on sections of the Bible has to be sensitively handled and there is no doubt that Aronofsky’s intentions were clear and so was his execution. Though he did take some cinematic liberty but as long as he stayed true to the main theme no one is complaining. Download english subtitles of Noah movie to enjoy the Aronofsky’s intentions.

In some parts Noah is bizarre while in some it’s majestic. The fact is that Russell Crowe is the best thing to have happened to this film. He looks confident, tough and brave; just everything you expect from a heroic character like Noah. The film begins with the hero and his family, the last descendants of Adam’s third son, Seth, in a world dominated by the sinful descendants of Cain, and has been having unusual visions like a drop that turns barren land into a flower. Noah travels with his family, including wife Naameh (Jennifer Connelly) and three boys, to visit Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins). Some scenes touch your heart like the ones where he keeps saving the innocent animals.  He says, “Small piece of creation be lost forever. It’s our job to look after them.” Want to have such lines. Just download english subtitles of Noah movie.

He takes years to build a massive arc that will protect his family by staying afloat against the spite of the Creator. There is a lot happening till the arc door is open but once it closes then it’s a bit slow and predictable. A lot of it seems believable because the responsibility is on the tough shoulders of Crowe but it’s not just him, all the actors deliver great performances and put up a fabulous show. The gorgeous  Emma Watson as a young woman whose inability to conceive makes her an odd match for Noah’s eldest son is a pleasure to watch.

Noah is a very ambitious project and a good one. If you enjoy good cinema then watch Noah. It’s definitely a movie one would like to watch and then discuss with friends for hours. Noah stays with you long after you leave the theatre. SO dont wait and download english subtitles of Noah movie

download english subtitles of Sabotage movie – srt file

download english subtitles of Sabotage movie. Sabotage originated as a screenplay by Skip Woods entitled Ten, in which a team of DEA agents busting a drug-cartel safe house manage to siphon off a cool $10 million to divide among themselves but then begin dying mysteriously one by one. (Or, to be more accurate, it originated as Ten Little Niggers, the 1939 Agatha Christie whodunit whose title was quickly changed to And Then There Were None.) The premise gives Ayer a more tightly plotted story than anything he’s done since Training Day, and atop it he’s layered his usual character eccentricities. Each of the renegade agents in Sabotage goes by a telling handle—Monster, Tripod, Sugar, Smoke—and despite the large ensemble cast, they’re all persuasively realized. As their commander, Breacher (Arnold Schwarzenegger), likes to tell them, they’re a family, though clearly a dysfunctional one, and armed to teeth. If you have any problem in understanding the conversation between DEA, you can download english subtitles of Sabotage movie.

I don’t subscribe to the notion of the guilty pleasure—you should own up to what you like—but I must confess that Sabotage pulled me along and stuck with me afterward even though I was generally repelled by it. Graphic torture and violence prevail, and as Oliver Stone proved with his drug-running actioner Savages, the bloody terror of the Central and South American drug cartels is so harrowing that no Hollywood movie can portray it without seeming exploitative. I hate revenge movies, and at the center of Sabotage lies a personal vendetta nursed by the commander against the cartel (with Schwarzenegger giving one of the nastiest, most frightening performances of his career). To enjoy these download english subtitles of Sabotage movie.

What redeems all this, to some extent, is Ayer’s bleak but honest vision; like very few action filmmakers these days, he understands how law-enforcement people witnessing the depths of humanity might lack the necessary character to climb back english subtitles of Sabotage movie

download english subtitles of Jal movie – srt file

download english subtitles of Jal movie Director Girish Malik’s debut directorial Jal had all the potent components — love, anger, lust, betrayal, jealousy, greed – around which to weave a good story. By virtue of selecting Rann of Kutch as his location he’s also got nature’s fury – lack of water and unexpected sandstorms – as external forces beyond man’s control which if interpolated well could help in arriving at an engaging story. Alas, Malik tries but fails. In the end what you are left with is a confused piece of story-telling which is difficult to sit through, however sincere his attempt may have been.

The film has too many threads and then you are left with a feeling of it going nowhere, almost like miles of dessert area in the films which leads to no oasis. If there is water, it’s in the “dushman gaon” which seems like it is self-reliant as they have got their own well. The women in “dushman gaon” show a dagger to anyone who dares to come near their well. To be well versed in the conversation download english subtitles of Jal movie.

At the heart of Jal is a young man Bakka (Purab Kohli) who has divine powers to predict exactly at which spot in the infertile land there lies hope of finding water. He is an orphan who has been brought up by his friend Raakla who has a sister Kajiri (Tannishtha Chatterjee) who has silently loved Bakka all her life. In “dusman gaon” is Kesar (Kirti Kulhari) for whom his heart goes aflutter.

Then there is the weakest and the most immaturely developed thread of the story. Some firang ornithologist has come from a foreign land to study why the flamingoes that visit the surrounding area were dying unexpectedly. They do their own studies and there and then reach a conclusion that it was due to lack of fresh water in the area. Next, a huge digging machine arrives in the village. Bakka guides them to the spots from where water can be unearthed in the region. Soon Bakka becomes everybody’s hero and saviour of the birds, now blessed with a sarkari naukri. Drowned in his own success and fame Bakka demands to be married to the dushman gaon ki chokri. To enjoy this movie download english subtitles of Jal movie.

Here after the film loses its steam and becomes one uneven tale which has lost its bearing. That it is slow paced only compounds matters for it. What works in the film is the enchanting way in which it has been shot, at once it gives you a feeling of the film being mounted on large scale. The other good thing going for the film is the music by Sonu Nigam and Bickram Ghosh. Even after the film is over you are left with the haunting quality of Shubha Mudgal’s vocals in Jal de. download english subtitles of Jal movie